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This is how you should choose and place decorative paintings in your bedroom

Bedroom as a place for people to sleep, its decoration style has a great impact on people's body and mind, and as a decorative painting for bedroom decoration, it is best to choose decorative paintings with characters and landscapes as the theme, try to avoid black and white or national paintings to prevent the space from being more gloomy, about the choice of bedroom decorative painting and placement methods, we give you a brief analysis.

1, the location of the bedroom decorative painting

Bedroom decorative paintings are generally placed at a height of the centre of the picture in a slightly higher position parallel to the person standing, preferably about 2 meters from the ground, too high or too low will lead to the bedroom with the coordination, so be sure to avoid the phenomenon of non-coincidence.

2, bedroom decorative painting focus on lighting

Bedroom decorative painting is very delicate, no bedroom decorative painting will have a shade, painting the light source needs to take the upper left, sunny living room, for bedroom decorative painting should be hung in the bedroom and the window into 90 degrees next to the angle, so that you can use the natural light source outside the window, but also be able to echo each other.

3, the number of decorative paintings in the bedroom

The number of bedroom decorative paintings can not be too much, and to be placed in place, so as to play the role of bedroom decorative painting, too much bedroom decorative painting will make people dazzled, there are one or two good bedroom decorative painting on the good, so that the whole space seems to have a strong atmosphere.

4, bedroom decorative painting hues

Bedroom decorative painting shades can not be too single, and bedroom decoration style overall tone with, preferably with a simple focus. For the old style of home decoration, you can choose some of the famous style or with the meaning of historical representation of the bedroom painting, but the overall or to achieve a harmonious visual effect.

             Selection of decorative paintings for the bedroom

1, decorative style unity


Bedroom decorative painting and decoration style unity, if the decoration style is simple modern, hanging on the classical style decorative painting will look very awkward, if the European classical style decoration style, hanging on the modern abstract decorative painting will look out of place.


2, room tone into contrast


Decorative painting hues and bedroom hues into contrast, so as to play the role of the finishing touch, the light is better in the room can choose a strong colour oil painting, fresh and elegant room is suitable for the choice of soft oil painting.


3„ÄĀUniformity with the function of the room


Decorative paintings should be unified with the function of the room, you can choose some landscape decorative paintings, so that it looks like a pursuit of warm and romantic and elegant and comfortable feeling.

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