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Seven Tips for Choosing and Placing Decorative Paintings

After the completion of the new home decoration, according to the style of decoration and main furniture, many users began to choose decorative paintings to add colour to the home, today I want to share with you about the selection and placement techniques of decorative paintings, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Technique one, abstract decorative painting to enhance the sense of space

Abstract paintings have always been seen as difficult art, but in modern decorative style homes they can play an accent role. Although many people can not understand the content of the painting, but know whether the painting looks good, for ordinary families this is sufficient. Modern style home assembly with a simple abstract painting, can play a role in enhancing the space.

Skill two, the first point of view is the best position

The first point of sight into the home is the most appropriate place to put decorative paintings, so that you do not feel that the home wall is very empty, the line of sight is not good, but also to produce a sense of freshness.

Skill three, corner decorative painting to change the direction of vision

In the past, people thought that decorative paintings could only be placed in the middle of a wall, however, in modern design, many designers like to place decorative paintings in the corners. The corner refers to the corner of the interior space, such as the 90 degree angle of the two walls of the living room. Just like the more popular sofa combinations of recent years, L-shaped sofas, corner decorative painting also has a similarity.

Corner decorative painting is not very strict on space requirements, can give people a comfortable feeling. In the corner of the two walls, one wall on two paintings, parallel to the other wall on the same style of a painting, forming a wall L-shaped combination, this asymmetrical beauty can increase the mood of the layout, the interior will not have a sense of constraint.

In addition, corner decorative paintings serve to remind the owner of the transformation of the space by shifting the line of sight. For example, placing decorative paintings on the way from the living room to the bedroom can play the role of pointing the way.

Skill four, staircase decorative painting can be irregular

If a staircase, you are facing the wall area is very large, then you can ask professionals directly on the wall painting pattern. This method is very creative and can be designed according to your own ideas painting samples. In addition, if the area is not large, you can turn in the staircase with the shape of the staircase placed not very regular decorative painting, so the effect is also very good.

Tip 5: Colour selection is taboo

Decorative paintings can be placed not only in the living room behind the sofa, on the wall behind the TV and in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen, on the balcony and on the walls outside the villa. It is worth noting, however, that the colours should be matched to the different spaces in which they are placed. In general, modern home decorating style interiors, with white as a whole, are mostly warm in tone when matched with decorative paintings. It is not advisable to choose overly colourful decorative paintings, and try to choose bright, lively tones within the living room. If the interior decoration colour is very stable, such as walnut, you can choose advanced grey and artistic decorative paintings.

Skill six, and space shape echo

If the wall of the space where the decorative painting is placed is rectangular, then you can choose the same shape of the decorative painting, generally using a medium size can be. However, if some places need semi-circular decorative painting, only in the picture, such as can leave space, because there is no semi-circular decorative frame on the market now.

Skill seven, and decorative painting details echo

After choosing a good decorative painting, you can also match some more innovative decorations, such as small sculptures, handmade ashtrays, etc., in the details and decorative painting echo, can also achieve unexpected results.

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