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How to Match Decorative Paintings for Your Home

After the completion of the new house decoration, everyone will start to consider how to add colour to the new home in soft furnishings, and decorative paintings, as an essential element of soft furnishings, have become the material of choice for many users, so how to match decorative paintings to create a more ideal effect of indoor space? Follow me below to find out.

Firstly, the content shows the interest

The role of decorative painting is not only to dress up the home, but more importantly it is a reflection of the owner's interests, hobbies and tastes. Therefore, when choosing decorative paintings, we must pay attention to the content. If you choose an inappropriate painting, it will cause discomfort and affect the physical and mental health of those who live there.

What kind of content is needed for decorative painting? Generally speaking, the content of home decorative painting design can be more specific, such as flowers, landscape decorative painting, etc., but also to achieve the effect of elegance and common sense. The content of the picture should not be bloody, horrible, or easy to let people have a bad influence, some hunting decorative painting often in a very short period of time from very like to become disgusted, so also try not to choose this kind of decorative painting.

Second, colourful personality

Decorative painting on the one hand has a very strong decorative, on the other hand it is also a "miracle doctor", can help cover some of the less beautiful hard decoration. As a decorative match, decorative painting in colour must be unified with the overall interior decoration style. If you want to place more than one painting in the room, you should pay attention to choosing the type of decorative painting that is as uniform as possible, such as oil paintings, drawings, photography, etc. If you choose an oil painting, then the rest of the decorative painting should also choose oil paintings, and the texture will be uniform to make the whole more harmonious.

Third, the picture frame cannot be underestimated

Don't think that everything will be fine if you choose a beautiful painting, if the frame is not well matched, it will also make the decorative effect greatly reduced or even counterproductive. Whatever the content of the painting, it should be matched with a frame that matches its style. There are many frame materials, including wood, metal and PVC plastic.

Fourth, the size of the space

Decorative painting to choose how big is appropriate? This is based on the size of the hanging space to decide. Generally speaking, decorative paintings are generally hung on the sofa back wall, restaurant back wall and other places, if only to place a large area of decorative paintings, it is relatively simple, according to its distance from the furniture hanging in the appropriate wall, multiple combinations of photo wall, you can select the entire photo wall size range, in which the size of the decorative paintings with different.

It is important to note that more white space should be left between the decorative paintings to avoid the distance between them being too close and thus creating a sense of oppression on the screen.

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